HI! Welcome to FIBERS OF BEING! We are SO GLAD you are here. Truly, it means more than you know to have you shopping with us! Over here, we believe in pushing all the gender boundaries when it comes to clothing and dressing for YOU. Whoever you are TODAY. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this concept means a lot to the owner, Elizabeth. She has firsthand experienced the struggle of gendered clothing and not feeling comfortable in smaller retail stores. That is how Fibers of Being started to come to life! So, take a peek, and tell us what you think.



Come visit our storefront at 645 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117.



A modern clothing and accessories retail store specializing in customer service and curated collections with the goal of serving the whole gender spectrum.


Fibers of Being fills in the gap of representation in gender fluid clothing in the small business realm. Every customer will leave feeling confident in their own skin and style.


Our mission is to create an elevated shopping experience by above and beyond customer service. We will create a collection of clothing and accessories that put quality, style, and creativity as the top priority.





It's me! Elizabeth! The owner of Fibers of Being. I have been working in the small business boutique realm for about ten years now, can you believe? I studied fashion merchandising and business in college and as soon as I graduated received an offer to be the manager and buyer of the boutique I had been working at during college! From there, I knew that my goal was to open a store of my own. Fast forward through years of small retail experience and a move across the country to 2020! My wife and I had just drove from Texas to the Bay Area and as soon as I crossed the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, I knew this is where I was meant to be! Immediately my mind started working on how to make this dream a reality, and now, here we are! Fibers of Being is my wife and I wrapped up in a store. Everything from the fashion icon wall, clothing selection, to the phone, keys, wallet shelves in the dressing room describe us in a way. My main goal for this space is to create an environment where every person feels comfortable to choose and wear whatever they want. To retrain our minds on what we are "supposed" to wear and instead, wear what makes us, feel like us. All while offering above and beyond service. Whether that means styling advice, life advice, or just somewhere to pop in when you want to clear your mind, we are HERE! As the owner, that means I do a lot of everything. The curation of clothing, merchandising, social media, and more, come down to me. So when you say something nice about the store decor, freak out over how cool the dressing rooms are, have a smile on your face when you put on a jacket we just received, it truly means the world to me. So thank you. Thank you for shopping local, shopping small, and supporting my dream. - E



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